UPDATE: 08-11-08

We have continuously worked on signage during the month of July. Jen has created temporary signs that are a bit more attractive than our original temporary signs.

Images of signage:

Issues with moving collections and how best to make patrons aware of where certain collections have been moved to:


Jen, our in-house graphic designer, created sample signs using various fonts.

We elected to use the font displayed on the last sign.



A local company, Signs Now, and our graphic designer are trying to figure out the best way to post our temporary signs.



UPDATE: June 24th 2008:

An impromptu meeting occurred today between us and our in-house graphic designer, Jen. We discussed the various types of temporary signage we could potentially use. I will post images of the signage later on.



UPDATE: June 19th 2008:

We (Melissa and I) had an impromptu meeting today; first order of business was to discuss signage issues.

We decided to look into potential graphic arts and printing businesses; concluding that as we are going to shift in numerous steps throughout the upcoming months, it would be beneficial and cost effective to initially produce our own “easily removable” signs until the shifting is completed. Once we are satisfied with the new layout and shifting is completed, we will obtain professional signs. Thus, while we are shifting, we will research potential companies, obtain estimates, and communicate with our graphic designer and our chosen company about the type of signage we are envisioning.

Here are some companies we are looking at:


Advanced Print and Graphic:

Signage ideas we loved:

Borders’ New Concept Store:


One response to “Signage

  1. I love this concept. I have been telling all the school and public librarians about this revelation. Way to go. Dewey is archaic.

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