Our monthly Dewey Free Meeting took place today.


1. We’re almost finished!
2. Biography
–All biography books will be moved into their Subject Collections:
i.e. WORLD HISTORY>BIOGRAPHY>Subdivision if necessary>Author
i.e. U.S. HISTORY>BIOGRAPHY>Subdivision if necessary>Author

3. PRESIDENTS (in the U.S. HISTORY collection)
–General Books on the FIRST LADIES will be shelved under U.S. HISTORY>PRESIDENTS>FIRST LADIES>Author
–Specific books on First Ladies will go under U.S. HISTORY>BIOGRAPHY>CLINTON>Smith

–POLITICAL SCIENCE>ESSAYS has been eliminated due to cross-cover issues and all books will now be shelved under POLITICAL SCIENCE>GENERAL

5. Books on fraud
–will go under PERSONAL FINANCE>FRAUD instead of TRUE CRIME/FRAUD so that they are closer to PERSONAL FINANCE>CREDIT REPAIR

6. Update on the shifting and re-shifting and then the re-re-shifting of the history collection was given.

7. UPDATES & ISSUES expressed

8. Needs to be completed in September
Social Science, U.S. History, and Local History

9. Shelf Tags need to be made for over 50 collections with the new color scheme; the tags for the following have been completed: Travel, Language, U.S. History, World History, Local History, Social Science, Political Science, True Crime and Biography.

–Point raised to keep a list of collections/areas that need to be revised.


Agenda and notes from our August Dewey Free Project Meeting


1. U.S. History & Local History

Should we create a new subject collection for our Local/Illinois History books?  If so, should we call it Illinois History or Local History?

Decision: Create a Local History collection. We now have 3 History collections: World History, U.S. History, and Local History. We opted to separate what is the History Category in the BISAC taxonomy into these 3 collections because this separation allows us to create taxonomies that are more detailed than the original.

For example: We want our Local History to be subdivided into very specific sections.

This cannot be accomplished without breaking our 4 line rule (we agreed at the beginning of the project that 4 lines on the labels will be the max allowed).

What do we do with other state histories?  Keep in U.S. History?  If so, how do we subdivide the “state category”?
Options:  U.S. History/States/New York/Author or U.S. History/New York/Author

Decision: We will place state books in U.S. History/States/Author. We concluded that we do not have enough books on individual state histories to warrant further subdivision.

2. Updates & Issues
Some concerns were raised by GG, who is responsible for reclassifying the 300s, about books currently in the 300s that do not belong in the Social Science Collection. GG asked for assistance in figuring out where these items should go and placing them in their appropriate subject collections.

3. Collections to complete in August:  Social Science, U.S. History, and Local History



Our monthly Dewey Free meeting was held today.  No official agenda was presented.  The meeting was short, and consisted mainly of updates on collections currently in progress.

Collections discussed:

True Crime (no issues; almost completed)

Social Science (issues have arisen and have been resolved with the following  subcategories: Ethnic Studies, Immigration, Jewish Studies, and Islamic Studies)

U.S. History (A motion was make to change this Taxonomy; MR will investigate what other Dewey Free libraries have done with their history collections)

World History (progress described; all issues with Taxonomy have been resolved in the past few weeks with either MR or JK)

Political Science ( a short update was given; a new Foreign Policy subcategory has been created; 4 shelves are left)

Attention was called to the fact that we now have 2 different  sizes of shelf holders; the new holders are half the width of the original ones, and are to be used on the smaller subject collections.



June Dewey Free Meeting was held today.

The Meetings Agenda:

1. Forensic Science:  Currently in Law.  Does it fit better in Science or Social Science?  Science

2. Political Science:  Do Civil Rights books really  belong in Political Science or do they fit better in Social Science or History?  Do they belong in more than one section?  if so, do we really want to separate them out? Decided to put all these books in Social Science.    The one except is that books on slavery will go under both Social Science or History.

3. Social Science:  Where do Thomas Friedman’s books go?  Social Science, Economics, Political Science?  Social Science;  Does Globalization get moved from Political Science to Social Science?  Yes.

4. Conversion of Nonfiction DVDs was discussed

5. Updates and Issues were presented from this past month

6. Schedule for June was established:

000s (library science, journalism, history of the book need to be moved into Language Arts)

660-688 (manufacturing directories need to be moved to Business, Remaining items need to be moved into Crafts)

800s (need to be finished)

Travel (needs to be completed)

True Crime (needs to be completed)

U.S. History (needs to be started and completed)

World History (needs to be started and completed)



Monthly Dewey Free Committee meeting took place on May 6th.

The following was addressed:

1. 000s–Include paranormal, ufo, journalism, and library science books: What do we call this select?  Do all these books belong in one Subject Collection?  Answer: No.  For now, all 000s have to be moved to the West Side of the library by the 133s.

2. 100s–some afterlife, witchcraft, and astrology books:  can they be combined with some of the 000s:  how many collections will we divide these subjects into?   What do we do with the 170s–which have ethical books on cloning, animal rights, etc, and do not belong with the other books that were in the 100s and now are in three separate subject collections:  Self-Help, Psychology, Philosophy?    Answer:  These books will be moved to the Social Science Collection so that all cloning and animal rights books are in one area.

3. 300s–first need to be weeded again as we are having some space issues; 380s-390s which consist of transportation, lighthouse, and commerce books need to be converted and moved into their appropriate place.

4. 660-688–Manufacturing directories need to be moved to the Business Collection; and other manufacturing books need to be moved into their final place. (1 shelf)

5. Space books—Do these go into Technology or Science? Answer:   Space–Aeuronatics

6. Genealogy—Needs to be moved before History and after Travel

7. 800s–What do we do with Essays? What do we do with Literary Criticism books that focus on more than one author?  ??????????Still thinking about this one.

8. Nonfiction DVDs–All nonfiction DVDs will be moved to the beginning of the Subject collections, so we need to make room in the stacks.

9. Collection UPDATES–GG, NS, and MBS talked; GG finished Self-Help, Entertaining, and Etiquette and started working on the Social Science collection this past month; NS finished Wildlife and Philosophy and started the Transportation section this past month; MBS worked on True Crime and started converting and transferring nonfic DVDs into the stacks.

10.  The following collections need to be completed during the next two months MAY/JUNE:

000s (will be moved into the Language Arts and Paranormal Collections), 133s (will make up two collections New Age and Paranormal Collections); 171s (will become apart of the Social Science collection); 380-390 (need to be moved into already created collections); 660-688 (need to be moved into already created collections); 800s and Travel needs to be completed; Social Science; Political Science; True Crime; Transportation;  U.S History; World History still need to be finished.



Melissa and Joanna had two consecutive meeting on March 30th & March 31st.  The order of business was to create more subject taxonomies to be presented for approval at the April 1st Dewey Free Meeting.

The following taxonomies were created on March 30th:
Psychology, Self-Help (The Relationships Taxonomy was eliminated and merged into the Self-Help Collection: i.e. Self-Help>Marriage>Author and Self-Help>Dating>Author)

On March 31st the following taxonomies were revisited and completed:
Politics (changed to Political Science in accordance with BISAC), True Crime, Entertaining (was assigned a new IC1Stat), Travel, Genealogy, Social Science, Literary Criticism (some minor changes need to be made when the collection is being worked on), Humor, History (major changes were made to this taxonomy at the Dewey Free meeting), and Wildlife (IC1Stat was assigned).

Our monthly Dewey Free Meeting took place on April 1st, 2009.
Entertaining Collection:  Should we have Children or Kids as a category? Kids was chosen.

History: Questions posed: In US History, is it important that time periods are NOT in chronological order? Yes, an alternative US History taxonomy was created.

Do we need to include a subcategory of  “States”?   Yes, the new taxonomy reflects this fact.

Various versions of the History taxonomy will be posted on the taxonomies page in the near future.

Humor:   Should “Comic Strips & Cartoons” be placed in Humor or with Graphic Novels?   Decision: In Humor

Political Science:   Should the BISAC category “Freedom & Security”–be kept together or separated?    Answer: separated
How do we respond to the BISAC category of “Political Process”?   Answer: No one approved of it, and so we decided to eliminate it, and distribute the category’s subcategories.

Social Science:   BISAC includes “Customs,” “Folklore & Mythology” and “Holidays” under Social Science?    Do we do the same, or do as originally planned and create three separate subject collections out of these categories?   Decision: We changed our minds, and have decided to follow BISAC’s taxonomy in regards to this matter.

Travel: Do we have a US or United States category?   US won out.
Do we sub-categorize the US category by region or state?    A hybrid option was developed.  We will have regional categories, but state categories will also be included.

Next, everyone presented collection updates, and individuals volunteered for collections they would like to work on in the upcoming month.
Language Arts–PZ
US History–?
World History–?
Literary Criticism–PZ
Social Science–??
True Crime–MBS

Taxonomies still to be created and collections to be worked on in May & June:
New Age


Notes from our Dewey Free Project Meeting, which took place on March 4, 2009.  6 reference librarians were present, and 1 Technical Services person.  All staff present is responsible for reclassification.

Health: The majority of the time was dedicated to addressing questions that have arisen as a result of the reclassification of this collection.

Where do medical science/medical history/ anatomy books go?  In the sciences?  do we create a new subcategory in the Health collection?

Where do pill books go?  Under the general category?  Answer: We will create a medication category under Health.

Where do dyslexia books go?  In the Education collection?  Under the Mental Health category in the Health Collection?  Answer: They will be moved into the Education collection under the Special Needs category.

Where do Survival and Self-Defense books go?  Answer:  they will go under Fitness>Self-Defense

Are we satisfied with our single Cancer category or do we need to break books further down into subcategories: i.e. Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, etc?  Answer:  For now, as the reclassification has been completed, all the Cancer books will stay together.

Where do we place Alzheimer books?

One of our librarians worked on the Sports and Games collection.  The following issues arose from his taxonomy:

Do we have a biography section under Sports or within each individual sport?  i.e: Sports>Biography or Sports>Baseball>Biography?  Answer:  We will just have a general Biography section in sports.


Under what umbrella do we keep books on Reptiles and Amphibians?–do we want to separate them or keep them together?

Mice/Hamsters/Guinea Pigs, etc–what do we call this category?

We also altered our previous conversion schedule:

In March we hope to complete the following:

Health, Religion, Languages, Language Arts, Sports, Games, Science, Pets, Math, Technology, Transportation, Philosophy

In April:

Wildlife, Humor, Criticism, Psychology, Self-Help, True Crime, 000s (UFOs, SUPERNATURAL)

In May:

Travel, History, Social Science, Politics, Customs, True Crime



Throughout the month of February, Melissa and I meet to work on taxonomies as is the normal, and then yesterday, we had our monthly Dewey Free meeting.   We had 5 of the usual staff members present and 1 other reference librarian, who worked on the science and animal taxonomies.   The following issues were addressed:

Should Main Headings be singular or plural or a mix?  i.e. Science or Sciences; Social Science or Social Sciences; Language or Languages.  Answer:  We will use what is more intuitive and therefore have a mix.  So Religion but Pets.

Where do we place Holiday books?  (In our Customs collection or do we separated the Holiday books and create a Holiday Collection.)  Answer: Create a Holiday Collection.

Do we have a Web or an Internet category or both  in the Computers collection?  Where would the History of the internet go?  Answer:  Decision was made to have both Categories and the History of the Internet would go under Computers>Internet>History>Author

Does Aeronautics go in Technology or Science?  Answer: Astronomy is a Science, so that will go under Science, and because we want Astronomy and Aeronautics together Aeronautics will go into the Science collection as well.

Should we place the Cooking>Health books in with the Health books so that all the diabetic cook books are next to books on the given condition?  Answer: For now, we opted to keep the healthy cook books in the Cooking collection as we felt patrons that need those types of cooking books would most likely first go to the Cooking section not the Health section.

Do we have a diseases category with subcategories or is each disease its own category?  I.E.  HEALTH>DISEASES>CANCER or HEALTH>CANCER.  Answer:  We decided to group various diseases together.

We also established that Health & Fitness would not be one collection, but two.  So now we have a Health Collection and a Fitness Collection.

In the Philosophy section:  Do we need to keep all the movements (existentialism, humanism) together?

In Psychology:  Do we need to keep different school of thoughts together (Behaviorism, Gestalt, Jungian)?

The Religion taxonomy:  Is it too complicated?  Answer: No

Science: Do we separate Mathematics from Science?  Answer: Yes.  Also in the science collection:  Do we place Animals under Nature or will Animals be there own category?  Answer:  Animals are separated and called Wildlife

Pets:  What do we do with Pets, combine them with other animals?  Answer:  We decided to separate Pets from Wildlife, but to place them next to the Wildlife Collection.

We hope to complete converting the following collections in February:

Health, Fitness, Beauty, Languages, Philosophy, Poetry, Plays, Psychology, Religion, Technology, Transportation, Science, Wildlife, Math, Fashion

In March, we hope to work on:

Humor, Literary Criticism, Language Arts, Sports, Self-Help, Games, New Age (000s), Psychology, Customs

In April/Map: Travel, Social Science, History, Politics, True Crime



On 01-07-08, monthly Dewey Free Meeting.

5 people were in attendance: Mary Beth, our Technical Services person, Melissa, Joanna, Gail, our reference librarian and cataloger, and Nicole, reference librarian.  All staff members in attendance are responsible for reclassification.

1. New taxonomies were introduced and approved

2. Upcoming reclassification projects were assigned

3. Reminders were given about changing IC1Stats

4. Updates on completed collections were given

5. Outline of what collections needed to be classified in the upcoming months were presented:

January: Art, Collectibles, Computers, Fashion, Language Arts, Performing Arts, Photography, Plays ,and Poetry.

February: Beauty; Customs; Graphic Novels;  000s, yet unnamed; Technology; Transportation; Repair; Health & Fitness.

March:  Self-Help, Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, Sports, Games, Languages, Science, Animals (or Pets or Nature)

April/May: Travel, Genealogy, History, Social Science, True Crime, Politics, and any other collections–Nonfiction DVDs and Reference Collections will still need to be converted.

On 01-07-08, meeting held to  finalize the Art, Architecture, Collectibles, Fashion, Photography, and Computers collections.  We also revisited the question of what to do about biography/memoir books  in the following areas: Art, Architecture, Performing Arts, and Sports.

The initial question was do biography books in these areas stay in their subject specific collections or do they belong under the general Biography collection?   This question raised the following ones:  where would they circulate better?  what are other libraries doing?

To explain this issue, it is best to provide an example.  In Architecture, there is a subcategory, Architects.  ARCHITECTURE/ARCHITECTS/Author

We are then faced with the questions: do we need such a subcategory in other collections?  if so, what books are included there? just ones of the architect’s work? or do we want that section to include both books about the works and the architects? will there be any benefit in combining the two?

On 12-17-08, all the heads and director met to discuss the project’s progression and patron feedback.

On 12-19-08, meeting between Melissa and Joanna at which the following taxonomies were started:  Literary Criticism, Poetry, Language Arts, and Graphic Novels; the decision was made to inter-file Short Stories into the general Fiction Collection; and the taxonomy for the Photography Collection was finalized.

On 12-03-08, two meetings took place.

Melissa and Joanna meet to deal with signage issues, and that afternoon the monthly Dewey Free Meeting was held.  At the end of the meeting, we calculated the number of collections completed and the number that still need to be converted.  Main concern was to figure out the amount of collections that need to be converted monthly so that the reclassification will be completed on schedule–before June 2009–before Summer Reading Club.

On 12-2-08, we planned a re-shifting of the East Side to make more room for the following collections: Art, Computer, Music, Crafts, Home, Architecture, Photography, Performing Arts, and Fashion.

On 11-26-08, we meet to work on the following Taxonomies: Collectibles, Photography, and Graphic Novels.

On 11-20-08, we finalized the following taxonomies: Home, Art, Architecture, and Crafts.



We have had two meeting this month.  Melissa and I meet on the 11th to continue our discussion of IC1Stats and to continue creating taxonomies.  End result was headaches as we realized that we were over-think everything.  The whole idea behind this project is to create classification that is intuitive.

On the 18th, we meet with our whole Dewey Free staff which consists of 5 individuals.  We discussed the following:  How far to break down our IC1stats?  How to go about cataloging our History, Science, Pets, Customs, Folklore, Mythology, and Generalities Collections?  We also touched on the larger issues of whether we want to create a large number of small collections or a small number of larger collections.  For example:  Do we have a performing arts collection where dance, theater, film, tv, etc are housed or do each of these subjects become separate collections?



Melissa met with our Tuesday night pages to check on how they were doing with the conversion.



Melissa met with our Monday night pages.



We had two meetings today.  One was between Melissa and Joanna, and the other consisted of a number of staff members that have been involved with reclassifying our collections.

At the former meeting, Melissa and Joanna revisited the reclassified collections and discussed a future implementation schedule as well as started work on a taxonomy for the Home Collection.  It was decided that we would slow down with our reclassification and focus on one or two collections at a time.  For example, last month, we had 3 people working on reclassification and each did a different collection; however, now we want 1 person working on reclassification of one collection while the other two go back and reclassify the Garden and Cooking collections as we have found things that we would like to correct. (see the taxonomy section to see changes)  We will also only create two new taxonomies per month due to time constrains.


Create Home Collection Taxonomy and Architecture Taxonomy

Revisit the following taxonomies:

Personal Finance


Next reclassify the following:  Crafts, Antiques & Collectibles, Art, Photography, Music, Film, TV, Fashion, Computers, Digital Photography, and after that we will revisit things.

The latter meeting included Melissa and Joanna, our two Technical Services personnel–Mary Beth and Vicki, and our two reference librarians, Nicole and Gail, who is also our cataloger.

At this meeting we asked for input from them about what we have been doing so far; we demonstrated what mistakes we have found which consisted mostly of  inconsistencies.  Finally, we informed them that we would be slowly down with our reclassification efforts.  We also decided that we would try to meet monthly.



Melissa and I met to discuss reformatting and relabeling our new materials display area; established taxonomy for the next four collections that will be reclassified; and finalized the implementation schedule for the upcoming September shift.



A quick meeting was held between Melissa, Joanna, and 2 of our Technical Services Personnel.  We created our Wedding Collection scheme.

There will be three catagories:

Wedding     Wedding     Wedding

Etiquette    Planning     Music

Author       Author        Author



Meeting between Melissa and Joanna.

Discussed potential shifting days in September as well as future shifts.  Started to create a more detailed implementation plan for September and October.



Meeting between Joanna and Melissa took place on August 12th.

Discussed the taxonomy for the Cooking collection.

(Melissa and Joanna)

Discussed Catalog and MARC records.

End of July

Jen, Melissa, and I meet various times to discuss problems with signage.

WHEN 07-11-08; Technical Services Meeting

We presented our subject heading for the garden section and collaborated on label design. We also discussed a potential timeline for completing each of the sections.

The result: We plan to complete the shifting of our first nonfiction collection, the GARDEN collection, and relabel the collection by the end of August.


WHEN 07-08-08; General Staff Meeting

Melissa and I meet with various circulation and reference staff to explain the upcoming project and answered questions the staff posed. We also presented a time-frame for the project.


WHEN 07-07-08; Melissa and Joanna

Melissa and I meet to discuss subject headings for the Gardening collection. We also designed labels.


WHEN 06-25-08; Jen, Melissa, and Joanna

We tried on different signs for size :D; Jen created signs with various typography, and we went into the stacks to see which of the signs worked best.


WHEN: 06-24-08; between Jen, Melissa, and Joanna

1st meeting with in-house graphic designer took place today June 24th, 2008; Jen, our graphic designer, Melissa and I attended the meeting and discussed how best to approach creating and posting temporary signage. We also took under consideration how best to make the public aware of what we will be doing. Idea presented by Jen was to created signs and tags with an image of Dewey that say something like “We are freeing Dewey.” Once something is designed, images will be posted on the Signage page.


WHEN: 06-19-08; between Melissa and Joanna

3rd meeting took place on June 19, 2008: Melissa and I scheduled upcoming staff and departmental meetings. We set-up a potential implementation schedule. Th implementation schedule can be seen on the Initial Planning Outlines page.


WHEN: 06-03-08

2nd meeting between Head of Adult Services, Melissa Rice, and Adult Services Reference Librarian, Joanna Kolendo, took place on June 3rd, 2008. Layouts from previous meeting were considered and altered; mostly focused on west side of the library as well as the practical aspects of moving the fiction collections. Discussed weeding schedule with the hope that all of the weeding of the east side will be finished by the end of June; Also scheduled shifting dates, Sunday July 13th and July 20th, for the purpose of moving the mystery and fiction sections–which are on the east side of the library.


WHEN: 05-12-08; between Melissa and Joanna

1st meeting to plan out a new layout. Concentrated on the East side of the library.


WHEN: 04-16-08; between Director, Department Heads, and Full-time Librarians

Initial meeting to discuss potentially freeing dewey.


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