POTENTIALLY FINAL  (though a  few minor revisions may be needed):


Collection Layouts as of:

December 2nd (We are still at this stage as of 12-22-08).


October 28th


October 5th


September 23rd


September 21st


August 26th


August 18th


July 31st


July 3rd






2nd meeting 1st version of East Side:

2nd meeting 1st version of West Side:

2nd meeting 2nd version of West Side:

2nd meeting 3rd version of West Side:

2nd meeting 4th version of West Side:


6 responses to “Layouts

  1. Marian the Librarian

    What a huge waste of time! Don’t you people have anything better to do ? You’re re-doing a perfect way of organizing things with your own ad hoc style. We are NOT a bookstore! It looks to me like you are trying to verify your time by making up un-necessary work so you won’t feel guilty cashing your paycheck every week ! And putting every little detail in a blog???? How self-centered and childish!!You need to change careers and run a BOOKSTORE. Good Luck!

  2. Dear Marian the Librarian,
    I appreciate your interest in our project and hope that when it’s complete you will visit our library. We are documenting our project so that those interested may see the project’s progression. From the many phone calls and emails received from librarians across the country, we have discovered that librarians are interested in deconstructing Dewey and looking for alternative classification systems.

  3. Notice that you say “librarians are interested” and do not mention patrons in the mix. While librarian interest is great professionally, it’s a disservice to your users. Since you are in an area where patrons can and DO visit multiple local libraries, you’re now making patrons learn a second classification system. Although Dewey has so many downfalls, it’s what is fairly standard across libraries.

  4. Thank you for your comment. We do not expect our patrons to learn a new system, but hope that in de-coding Dewey by replacing numbers for a particular subject, we can enable our patrons to locate materials in an easier and timely manner. We are aiming to make the categories as intuitive as possible by considering what our patrons ask for and how they ask for it.

  5. But you are forcing your users to relearn a system. When they can go to Mokena or New Lenox and find stuff with Dewey then use Frankfort, they have to relearn a system.

    I remember being educated in the Frankfort school system and learning Dewey. School libraries are in Dewey. There is going to be relearning in this system, regardless of whether it’s meant to help people locate materials easier. I don’t think that’ll happen.

    It’s like using a QWERTY keyboard. You learn it, even if it’s not the most elegant way of setting up a keyboard. If someone decided to make a new keyboard and forced users to adapt to the new setup, there is going to be unnecessary relearning. While putting the keys on a keyboard in alphabetical order would make the most sense, it’s not how people learn it, and it doesn’t make sense to try over when there’s a working system in place.

  6. Library Junkie

    I can hear my dad “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

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