Labels, Labels, Labels. I have not posted here for a while, because as you all probably could figured out, there isn’t very much to write about in terms of labels. However, as I posted on the Issues and Progress Page, we did make a serious change in the labels about 2 months ago. We decided to spice it up a bit and color code the various levels that appear on the labels. We decided that the main category/subject would now be purple, the first subcategory orange, the second green, and the fourth level, the author/title/etc, black.

We will not be going back to alter the already reclassified collections.

Here are a few pictures (some have been posted previously) showing black as well as colorful labels:
[rockyou id=136079564&w=426&h=320]

Pictures of labels from all completed Collections; some show the before and the after.















We have our labels down cold or so we think.



Images from our finished Gardening Collection–our new labels are visible:

UPDATE: 07-16-08

During our meeting with the Technical Services Department, which is very involved in this project, helped us design our Dewey Free labels. We settled on using  Arial Narrow; the first subject line will be Bolded, all CAPS, and 16 in size; and the next 2 subdivisions will be Bolded, in CAPS, and 14 in size; and finally the author/title line will be in small caps and 14 in size.

Here are the fonts we were contemplating:

The second font from the right is Arial Narrow, the font we decided on.

The second font from the right is Arial Narrow, the font we decided on.


2 responses to “Labels

  1. Its seems to be an interesting set up. I have been a long-term user of dewey and i find that when researching I look up the book then find is dewey number then search the shelf. I have used the system since I was 6 and it works. I do not quite understand how classifying the book under garden, flowers, roses, author with make it easier. As many gardening books contained vast info on many areas of gardening. How does your system address this?

  2. All those wordy labels with cutoff sides on skinny spines are really easy to read when a shelf is two feet above you.

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