Initial Plans ( last updated: 08-25-08)


The central purpose of this section was to summarize initial plans, thoughts, and concerns that we had before we initiated this project, and as the project is now underway, this section of the blog will no longer be updated.  To obtain information on the project’s progression please visit the Progress & Issues section.



All Plans Change….as we know.

These are the plans we had for the August Shifting Days:

August 17th–Move the Cooking Section into the East Side where the 200s and some of the 300s were; move the 200s and that particular section of the 300s out. Then move the remainder of the 300s into the already empty units on the West Side.

August 24th–Move the Craft collection into the empty units on the East Side where a fraction of the 300s was.

To check out what we really did get done: Go to the Progress and Issues Section.



As of 07-20-08 the following has been finished: the 000s-100s have been moved to the west side and the Gardening Collection as well as the 800s have been moved to the east side. (See map below).

The Technical Services department has also finished relabeling the Gardening collection.

Before the shifting in August, we need to weed the craft collection and the 300s.

As of 08-11-08, our plans for the upcoming August shifting dates are as follows.

Empty the section with the 200s and move them into the space where the cooking books are on the west side; move the cooking books into the section left empty by the 200s on the east side.

On Sunday 08-24-08 empty the section with the 300s and move them into the space where the craft books are currently located. If time permits organize the 800s by topic: Short Stories, Criticism, Poetry, etc so that new labels can be created.

By the middle of September have the cooking and craft sections relabeled.


Our first day of shifting occurred this Sunday, July 13rd. As a result of the shifting, in which 5 people were involved, we have restructured our implementation schedule. We found that we will need more time to shift each collection. We have decided that 2 collections a month will be moved and a collection a month will be relabeled.

As of right now:
We have shifted our East side collections: Fiction, Mystery, Science Fiction and Fantasy as well as our 000s-400s. The 000s-400s will be moved again to the West Side of the library, but the other collections mentioned above will remain in their new place. See map to get a better idea of what we have already done.

On July 20:

We hope to move out the 000s and 100s and move them into the areas where the Botany, Gardening, and Landscaping books are; thus, we will move the latter collections into the area where the 000s and 100s were. If time permits, we also hope to move the 800s, which are now located in the West side, to the East side as the shifting, which took place this Sunday, has left enough shelves empty for this collection.


Ideas from 3rd meeting between Melissa Rice and Joanna Kolendo.

We set-up a potential implementation outline:

July 13 and 20:

1. Shift Fiction and Mystery and SF and 800s

2. 000-499 and BIO need to be shifted and arranged by Dewey number within the available shelving units on the east side of the library

August: Shifting continues and *Relabeling Begins (We have not set-up specific dates to meet in August or the following months, but rather, decided that we will meet twice a month until our shifitng is completed which we hope will happen by Thanksgiving.

1. Move *Botany/Landscaping/Gardening out onto carts and tables

2. Move New Science into Old Gardening Section

3. Move New Fitness/Medical/Psych/ Self-help into Old Science

4. If we have time move new Travel and Language into old 500s/600s section


1. Move *Cooking and Graphic Novels

2. Move *Crafts and Home

3. Move History and 300s


1. Move Biography to Old History

2. Move Fashion/Art

3. Move Games and Sports

4. Any other areas that need to be moved

Once the sections are moved, begin relabeling the remaining sections. (A section should be done a month.)

PLAN specifically tailored to fit FPLD’s needs:

1. Research BISAC Headings and consult with Marshall Shore from Maricopa County Library District (MCLD)

2. Meet with Department Heads and Full time employees. (Initial Staff Meeting took place on April 16 at 2:00 p.m. Main purpose of the meeting was to introduce the idea of going DEWEYFREE.) The director, four department heads and 2 full-time reference librarians were in attendance.

3. Visit Bookstores to look at their layouts, as we are adapting BISAC.

4. Consider what to reclassify. All collections at once; one collection at a time, if so, which collection do we begin with.

5. Going DeweyFree, allows complete reconstruction of all library collections; ask and answer the following question:
Do you want to combine collections that Dewey separated? i.e. Travel with Language; dietary cooking books with medical books.

6. If approved–plan layout. (As Dewey is being eliminated, the library will be “deconstructed” and then reconstructed, so be creative and idealistic first and then refine the idealistic plan into a doable one.)

7. As numbers will no longer create structure, signs are a must. So deciding on the types of signs needed and from whom to obtain them, is a must.

8. Initiate weeding (Step was initiated in April and has gradually continued)

9. Figure out the practical aspects of the moving process/shifting process

10. Shift materials to preassigned areas

When we first conceptualized this project, we decided to free one of our collections, as we are not moving into a new space but rather are simply rehabbing. Initially (and this has already changed) we decided to deconstruct and reclassify one of our most high volume collection, the cooking collection; however since April, we have decided, after designing our layout, to reclassify our gardening and landscaping collection as well. (Botany, landscaping and gardening now will be classified under the umbrella of GARDEN.)

Our Initial considerations resulted from a discussion Melissa Rice had with Marshall Shore in the beginning of May 2008:

Considerations In relation to Cooking Books:
1. How are we going to reclassify the international foods?
2. Will we call international cooking ethnic cooking? if so, does the customer need to know the term ethic?
3. What will the other cooking categories be? will there be a health section, how-to section, etc?
4. What will fall within the international cooking bonds? will regional cooking be included? If not, will we create a regional cooking section? In our collection, is there enough books to warrant that?


1. How many shelves for each subject?
2. Signage ??? (Which we have found is essential and has been presenting some difficulty is signs–once the numbers are eliminated signage is necessary to locate any book for both the customer and the librarian.)
3. Spine labels–who will in-put and how-to input data into the catalog are also big considerations and require cooperation with technical services staff

Issues with labels:
Size of spine labels

How many subdivisions will we permit to be displayed on the lablels:
i.e. Cooking//Ethnic or Cooking//Ethnic//Ray

Some possible sub-divisons:

——–ethnic–Italian (With this issues arise: 4 lines might need to be added in order to include the last name of the author–the question arises: do we exclude the author level on the label but still shelf by author?  Will pages take the time to look who is the author without it being listed on the label?)

MAIN RESULTS from our discussion with Marshall Shore:

There is a different ideology behind each collection: cooking versus history versus literature. One major lesson before we even start is that modification must occur after the initial reclassification.