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We Are Now Dewey Free

We have completed our conversion–all of our books in the adult collection are Dewey Free that’s some 29,000 volumes. Pic of the last book to be converted
Last Book Converted

and of the project co-coordinators.
Dewey Free Project Co-Coordinators

Hope this blog has been a useful tool for following our progress. Thank you for all your feedback!


Signs & Layout Map

Since beginning this project, we have been aware that somewhere down the line we would have to redesign our temporary signs.  This past week, we finally selected our color scheme and design for our endcap signs.  We opted to use 12 colors. Each subject collection will be assigned a color based on its location in the layout, and will share that color with at least four other collections. Assigning a different color to each collection has proved to be ineffective as we have over 60 collections that means over 60 colors. I’m sure you can image the colorful chaos.

We decided to use these colors:

Example of a sign:


We also made some progress on our digital layout map.


We have been creating maps in Illustrator and updating them as necessary.  However, we want something a bit more fluid in an electronic version that can be placed on our library PCs,  so when someone looks for a book they can simple click on the layout map in order to find the given subject collection.

We are investagating for that purpose.

Complete and Incomplete

As of May 3rd 2009 the following collections have been converted (grouped by location):

  • Garden, Cooking, Wedding, Etiquette, Entertaining, Collectibles, Crafts, Home, Architecture, Art, Photography, Fashion, Music, Performing Arts, Computer
  • Graphic Novels, Language Arts, Literary Criticism, Plays, Poetry
  • Languages, True Crime
  • Health, Fitness, Beauty, Psychology, Philosophy, Self-Help, Religion, Pets, Math, Science, Wildlife, Business, Personal Finance, Law, Parenting, Education, College, Test Prep, Career, Games, Sports
  • True Crime, Genealogy

As of May 3rd 2009 the following collections are partially completed and/or have not been touched:

  • Humor, Essays?
  • Travel, US History, World History, Social Science, Political Science

Dewey de Frankfort

Dewey de Frankfort may be located throughout the library.

Here are examples of our promotional materials.

1. The Button is available to patrons at the Reference Desk.

2. Staff, who elected to purchase Dewey de Frankfort T-Shirts, may be found anywhere at anytime.

3. Reference staff’s name tags display Dewey de Frankfort.

[rockyou id=136083549&w=426&h=320]

FPL as of March 4th, 2009

So you can get a better  idea of what the library looks like with this project underway!

Some pictures

Pictures of a few shifting days and signage for as the famous proverb suggests: A picture is worth a thousand words.”