We Are Now Dewey Free

We have completed our conversion–all of our books in the adult collection are Dewey Free that’s some 29,000 volumes. Pic of the last book to be converted
Last Book Converted

and of the project co-coordinators.
Dewey Free Project Co-Coordinators

Hope this blog has been a useful tool for following our progress. Thank you for all your feedback!


4 responses to “We Are Now Dewey Free

  1. Steve and Jodie

    Congratulations! Looking forward to your ILA presentation in October. We start our own Dewey-free project on Monday. Exciting and scary at the same time!

  2. It was easier to dumb down the library, and, hence, the patrons, than it was for you to study materials so that you could provide reference services. It is a condescending change.

    The sole argument in favor of lumping books together would be the incredibly limited catalog search methods via computer, since the demise of the card catalog.

    When one looked through a card catalog, it was a process of discovery. One found books and information that might otherwise have missed the patron’s attention. No longer.

    This move also means that all the hyper-technology training offered by library schools over the past years is utterly worthless. Will they, then, return to training librarians in research, and care of books?

    Then again, the books that are being deaccessioned are being chosen without our knowledge, and without our vote. Most of the books being tossed are books that have not met the requirements of the new selection STAR? selection program. Shakespeare’s towns doesn’t cut it. Out.

    You are, and passive patrons are, fully embracing ignorance and knowledge that is dictated by only a handful of people – often the wrong people.

  3. That weeding method is CREW: Continuous Review, Evaluation, and Weeding. I am in acronym hell.

  4. It’s amazing to see thought and applied knowledge to die, of all places, in a library.

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