Signs & Layout Map

Since beginning this project, we have been aware that somewhere down the line we would have to redesign our temporary signs.  This past week, we finally selected our color scheme and design for our endcap signs.  We opted to use 12 colors. Each subject collection will be assigned a color based on its location in the layout, and will share that color with at least four other collections. Assigning a different color to each collection has proved to be ineffective as we have over 60 collections that means over 60 colors. I’m sure you can image the colorful chaos.

We decided to use these colors:

Example of a sign:


We also made some progress on our digital layout map.


3 responses to “Signs & Layout Map

  1. Steve and Jodie

    The signs are very clean and clear. We like the color schemes and layout.

  2. How is this color-coding scheme supposed to “assist and empower” the 7 to 10% of your male patrons who are colorblind?

  3. Hello Fred,

    The color schemes are intended as a tool to help differentiate the subject collections within an aisle. The signage is white font on a dark background. Knowing which color matches a specific subject is not necessary to finding the collection you are looking for. Like the rest of our library, we wanted to incorporate some color into the Adult Collection shelving units to make them more vibrant to our users.


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